In the past decade or so, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in the popularity of rap music across the globe. This particular genre has been prevalent in the mainstream music and culture. Rappers such as Eminem and Lil’ Wayne have reached unimaginable heights of fame and in the process, boosted their bank balance, by dishing out hits after hits. Lloyd Banks, Snoop Dog, and several other rap artists have won distinction and awards all around the world for their contribution to the music industry.

Rap themes and quotes are, likewise, an integral part of the modern day society. Therefore, hip hop is without a semblance of doubt one of the most prominent genres in the field of music today. In this article, we would try to delve into the reasons that make hip hop such an immensely followed music genre.

The dominance of Hip hop or rap demonstrates that it is much more than a just style of music; it is a completely unique technique, it’s a way of life.

From its very conception, rap is all about freedom of expression. There are no restrictions with the craftsmanship. Besides that, because of the absence of tune and notes, the expressions of rap manifest liberation in its truest form. The only presumed restriction is that the verses ought to be composed in rhyme. However, as any music enthusiast would accept, that constraint helps in creating better hip-hop music.

The lyrics can be sung with any modulation or cadence. There are no set rules with regard to the tone of the artist’s voice as well. It can vary as per his or her suitability.  All things considered, the format of this genre empowers singers to experiment and take creative liberty when composing the lyrics and the rhythm.

Rap is also conceivably the most conducive genre as far as vocal improvisation is concerned.  Freestyle rap is followed by several music lovers around the globe. In this particular form, the artists deploy several skills simultaneously.  Not just they have to utilise powerful rhymes, yet the words themselves must be rational in the context of the verse.

If social generalisations are not taken into consideration, rap truly is a highly intriguing and entertaining genre. On account of its innate qualities and popularity, rap has become the linchpin of mainstream music and will continue to be so for a long time.