Decorating Your Music Club with Night Club Lighting

Why would you want your music club to have nightclub lighting? There are many facets to this answer but the primary one is that there is certain liveliness to night clubs and their lighting and following the same for a music club can only perk up the proceedings. However, it has to be remembered that a music club is not necessarily a fast paced affair only. Members expect the lighting to go with the mood of the music which might stretch from classical to rock, from blues to jazz. On the other hand, there should not be any issue in installing night club lighting to be turned on during those special nights when teenagers take to the floor, accompanied by some really pulsating music.

Now, what exactly is night club lighting? It is a mix of functionality – normal house lighting – and decorative illumination. These can be direct lighting such as ceiling lighting, wall scones or pendant lighting or indirect lighting comprising of cove lighting, light-boxes and backlit signage. Accent lighting is a very crucial component of nightclubs and includes step lighting, LED strip lighting and under-bar lighting. All these fittings and fixtures are available in various forms such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps and LED lighting.

The wide spectrum of night club lighting options has made it very easy for music clubs to follow the same pattern. Take the case of party outdoor festoon lights. While the same is usually seen inside the premises of nightclubs, they can be easily adapted to music clubs too. This is more so when cosy musical soirees are held on the lawns outside in summer. Festoon lights are ones where a string of lights are attached by a cable and strung up from point to point. The whole chain has a number of individual bulbs of various colours and radiance.

The latest festoon lights have LEDs bulbs and can be used in a number of ways to decorate your music club. Place them at strategic points indoors or outdoors and you can even control the quantum of light. If you opt to have them as a permanent fixture you can lower or increase the brightness according to the mood you want to create for various musical events. For example, you can replicate a nightclub effect for an event featuring a pop artist and then have a normal but attractive lighting arrangement for a blues festival.

Star light is another option that is used mainly in night club settings but can be easily adapted to match that of a music club. Each is a cluster of LEDs housed in a bulb and gives a dramatic glow when turned on. Every unit can have a mix of ten coloured LEDs and a string of star lights can be controlled by a remote to heighten effects of light and shade. These are also available in versions that imitate the strobe light effect, further enhancing a disco and nightclub atmosphere at your music club.

Decorating your music club with nightclub lighting will mainly be for enlivening the environment in your premises. Choose the type of lighting with care and you will surely be successful.