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How to Prepare for a Live Concert

Performing in front of a crowd is a crucial part of a music artist’s professional life. Besides being a challenge, it is a chance for them to flaunt their skills before others and get feedback on their musicianship. A concert gives them an opportunity to recreate the work of one or more composers, to the best of their abilities.

If you are an aspiring musician, live concerts can give you an extraordinary feeling of achievement and help you meet new and exciting people, however, nerves and lack of preparation can be a stumbling block. Here are some top tips to help you take advantage of your show and bring to the fore the entertainer inside you.

Confidence – With a specific end goal to boost your happiness regarding the execution, you ought to feel confident about your knowledge of the music. That includes the correct notes as well as the right flow, pronunciation, rhythmic phrasing and vocal tone. If you feel that your confidence is not as much as required, the onus is on you to put in the extra effort outside of rehearsal, either alone, or with other members of your band.

Prepare your instruments – there is nothing more embarrassing than being let down by your instrument during the performance. To keep away from such a situation, make sure your instrument is in an excellent condition for the best playability. If you are a singer, ensure your vocals are warmed up and that you drink plenty of fluids. In the event that you play a string instrument, ensure it is in tune and you have all vital accessories such as plectrums or rosin. Preparation will make you feel more confident when you are on stage, empowering you to provide the audience with a great show.

Personal appearance – As much as practising and keeping your instruments in good condition is vital, your visual appearance is also of utmost importance. Stephen Blignaut, a successful entrepreneur from Australia says that your personal appearance should be such, as you want people to perceive you. You need to look your best. Therefore, make sure you have an appropriate outfit ready for the show and the one that matches your style of music and the setting you will perform in. Also, avoid excessive jewellery, heavy makeup, strong smelling perfume or hairspray and flashy colours. Don’t forget that the audience is not only listening to you play or sing but is also looking at you. Thus, the way you look and your appearance amid a performance are essential to put up an incredible show.

Be yourself – Most pre-show stresses originate from insecurities which are generally framed by comparing yourself with others such as your idol, teacher, friends or other musicians. One of the most vital things to consider before the performance is your focus. It is advisable to concentrate on being yourself and doing the best you can and you will surely succeed. Attempting to be like someone else will create more insecurities and put unnecessary pressure on you. It is good to draw inspiration from someone, but ensure you perform in your signature style.

Enjoy on stage – Most of all, it is important to have fun on the stage. Take this as an opportunity to showcase your skills, have a great time, rather than a nerve wrecking experience. Your positive vibes and self belief will be the most powerful weapons that will make your performance pleasant, captivating and memorable for the audience.

These above-mentioned tips will help you prepare for live concerts, perform with confidence and win accolades.

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