Planning Outdoor Music Festival: Things You Must Know

Music is a way for people to unwind from a day’s hard work. Music has the ability to shift mood, affecting subconscious mind where annoying negative thoughts feed on the fears and fuels the fire of distress. Listening to music is relatively inexpensive, it is a quick acting solution that is almost always available. However, when planning for an outdoor music festival, it is not the case.

Planning a music festival is an exciting process, but it also has its perils. There are a lot of things to look into. You need to do a lot of planning in order to make your music festival a complete success. To guide you through the process here are a few pointers.

First, ask yourself how big the event should be and how many people you want should attend the festival? Doing this exercise will help you to plan the festival meticulously. Planning a music festival means juggling a lot of factors, you will need to arrange bands, vendors and the venue, as well as marketing and selling tickets. It is advised that if you want your event to be successful start planning at least 5-6 months before the event.

Whenever planning an event, making a budget is an essential aspect. You might be lucky to attract big musicians to the festival, but be aware of the total budget. Big artists charge more, and you may end up using your total budget. The solution to this is to have a mix of unsigned local talent or tie up with upcoming bands, with a big name or two, if the budget allows. This will help you to keep the festival goers entertained and manage your budget as well.

Next step is finding a place. Choose a space according to the size of the event. You will need enough open space to set up the stage and the backstage area. Space will also be required for catering vans, portable washroom facilities and for camping as well if it is a weekend festival. Also, keep in mind that you will need a fair amount of space between stages if there is going to be more than one.

As soon as you have finalised where and when to have the outdoor music festival, apply for a permit. Permits ensure public safety and amenity in public spaces and also assist in the sustainable management of parks and gardens. Consult a property lawyer in Melbourne to help you out in applying for the permit and getting it approved. You do not want the event to shut down on the day because you do not have the proper paperwork. So get it approved well in time before the event.

Music festival tickets can be costly, especially if the festival is a weekend event. Make sure that it is difficult for people to get in for free by having enough security. If people manage to sneak in, it will not only equate to lost revenue but could also take the capacity over the maximum limit allowed. This could hamper the health and safety of the people.

Once everything is in place, it is time to get the word out to as many people as possible. You need to promote the festival and encourage the fans to buy tickets as soon as possible. This may seem obvious, but early tickets sale are a vital component to ensuring your festival is successful. You can advertise through social media and the local press but also do not forget to promote via fan sites of the bands performing at the festival.