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Preparing For the Concert – Here is What You Need to Know

So you have finally secured the tickets to the show that you have been longing to go to for months together. Congratulations!! Go ahead and take a moment to wallow in the great feeling and then get ready to rock with these helpful tips on how to prepare for the show.

Set a budget – Expenses can stack up rapidly – food, drinks, parking, gas and a new outfit, so set up your budget at least a month before the concert. Start your budget with the biggest expenses first. Usually; this will be your flight tickets and accommodation if you will be travelling to another state for the concert. Gauge your expenses early so you can set aside some money.

Decide what to wear – One of the best parts of the concert is the fashion. You would want to be in something that’s comfortable yet stylish. Plan your outfit ahead of time so you look best at the show. You can never go wrong with a plain black t-shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts. Do not forget the shoes, wear closed shoes like sneakers or boots.

Make a salon appointment – With all the energy that goes into planning for the event, it is easy to feel stressed. So book an appointment with a beauty salon or spa and get yourself pampered. Get your hair removal and other skin rejuvenation treatments done utilising laser IPL machines at least one month prior to the concert. Choose non-invasive skin treatment methods such as photo facial or microderm as they have less downtime and have no side effects. Visiting a salon for skin rejuvenation treatments is better rather than looking for IPL machine for sale and buying one.

Share on social – Go ahead and share your fervour on social media. It is a great way to find out whether any other person you know is going. Also, you can send a message to band or artist to let them know that you are thrilled- who knows they may even reply to you. Remember not to post pictures of your tickets ahead of the concert, and if you want to then cover the bar code.

Confirm the entry method – Regardless of whether you go paperless and enter using your phone or print tickets at home, ensure you have the essential items you need to get into the event. Don’t forget to carry your identity proof as it will be checked at the venue. Also, make sure to confirm when the show starts. Check the event information and ensure that all the people in your group know it and also confirm the departure time.

Write down a checklist – Every event is different, so check the venue’s policies before packing. Then make a checklist of the essential items you will need so that you do not leave anything behind. Do not forget your ticket which is the most important, identity card, cash, a fully charged phone and also a portable charger, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, earplugs and a light sweater or stole.

Most of all have fun at the concert, dance and sing along to your favourite songs. Enjoy the fact that you are seeing your favourite musician perform, so take advantage of the opportunity.

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