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Things to Manage before a Musical Event

Arranging a music event is definitely not easy simply because there are no standardised cookie cutter methods to it. What you plan for a hard rock festival will be far removed from that of a blues or even a classical music soiree. If you are a musician and have your own band, you will know what to do for your next concert. However, if you are a free lancer who arranges music festivals simply because music is what you live and breathe by, there are a whole lot of variables that you have to work out first.

  • Get professional help – Even though you might be an expert in arranging music events, there is always a possibility that you might miss out on any key factor that might make a dramatic adverse impact on the event. Hence it is advisable to engage a person who can at least be a Man Friday to you and help in ticking off the checklist or adding points to it.

If you a regular on the circuit you should surely have fixed up somebody with the required qualities by now. If not, contact agencies specialising in Labour hire in Melbourne or wherever you are having your programme. Get in touch with First Personnel, leaders in the recruitment field in the city and you should have no problem in hiring the best possible help.

  • Adequate Funding – For any musical event, the cash inflows is after start of sale of tickets. For well known musicians, events are sold out months in advance. If you are not so lucky, you will have to arrange for temporary funding either from your own savings or as borrowings from external sources. You will require funds at every stage to make advances against a large number of possibilities – booking venue, booking artists, publicity and even setting up temporary infrastructure in case you are having the event in a park.
  • Arranging a venue – This is one of the first things that you should do, much before having tickets printed. Your decision will depend on the expected audience and the type of music. While rock and punk or blues festivals can be held outdoors, classical music is best appreciated in a good hall with great acoustics. After you have finalised the venue carry out an inspection to decide where to have the stalls and stage in case of a park.
  • Decide the musicians – Have the main artists or band planned out much in advance. There are two reasons for this. First most well known musicians have fixed commitments months before actual day of concerts and secondly you will need to put their names on tickets and publicity materials. Do not also focus on those who will draw in the crowds only. It is necessary that you book a number of lesser known but promising artists to take the stage in between the main acts or even to start the event off.
  • Price of tickets – This is crucial as there is always an inclination by musical event organisers to set ticket prices high. Do not price yourself out of the market neither should it be so low that you do not rake in some profits for your efforts. If necessary have a multi –tiered ticket structure going from low to high in accordance with proximity of seats to the artists.

These are some of the main things to manage before a musical event.

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