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Things You Should Know before Your First Concert

So you think that you are ready for the first concert of your life but are you really up to it in every respect? You might have spent weeks choosing the right outfit, and as the day has drawn nearer you might have also paid a visit to a beauty salon and spa to get your hair done and your skin rejuvenated and shining on a microdermabrasion machine as well as IPL machine, provided by Universal IPL. But is that all? Your looks and your clothes come way down the list of priorities if you are preparing yourself for your first concert.

To be truly prepared, here are a few tips to set you on your way.

What you wear – Concerts are fun events but they can also be very tiring. You might have to stand in a queue the whole night long and once the gates open, there is bound to be a lot of pushing around. Hence wear clothes that are comfortable, nothing fancy. Choose closed feet shoes as then you wouldn’t have to bother about them slipping off. A loose pant and top is ideal wear to take in the hours of standing and sitting during the concert, not to forget a spot of dancing to go with the music.

Carry a light bag – There are a few essentials that you have to take with you so carry a light bag. It’s going to be a long night for you maybe even 2, so you should stock up on some nourishment. A water bottle to keep you hydrated is almost mandatory as is energy bars to keep you going. Do not forget to pack a power bank in your bag. There can be nothing more frustrating than your smart phone going on the blink and you being cut off from the world. And yes, a small makeup kit to keep your confidence up always.

Queue up as early as possible – There is never a right time to queue up for your first concert. You will always find some people who have arrived before you. Remember, for general admission tickets, the earlier you are, the closer you can get to the stage. Generally, the first couple of rows only are pre reserved for VIP guests.

Know your band – The fun of a first concert lies in having a whale of a time with the enthusiasm of the audience playing a big part in it. To really enjoy yourself, research the band or bands playing so that the music will be familiar to you and you can dance and sway along. This is regardless of whether the performer is a favourite of yours or not. Whole hearted participation is a major component of the excitement of a concert.

Stand your ground – Create space for yourself by spreading out your shoulders and legs to have breathing space and hold your ground no matter what. There is bound to be some jostling and shoving around but ensure that you are not cramped up to an uncomfortable level.

These are some of the basic tips to follow before your first concert which will definitely make it a pleasing experience.

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